President's Office

Communications from the President:

-First contact for new members, explain Treasure's purpose and role, expectations of member families, different types of membership.  Offer activities membership, schedule a class day visit.

-Orientation on first day of classes. 

-Occasional articles of support/encouragement to the group via the newsletter/website/email Loop.

-Mistress of Ceremonies (or delegate the role to someone else) for the Year End Festival.

-Welcome new board members.

-Available for personal conversations and specifically seeking out members in need during class days.

Other Common Duties:

Adding new members to the Loop -!managemembers/treasureloop/add
From the Guidelines: 

  • Shall preside over all Board and general meetings of TREASURE
  • Shall function as the official spokesperson for TREASURE
  • The office of President can be filled jointly by a husband and wife, provided both met the qualifications for Board membership and the Board gives its unanimous approval.
  • Shall be ex-officio member of every committee.
  • Shall be the new homeschoolers contact person.
  • Shall support Board members.
  • Shall communicate regularly with the Board regarding Treasure issues. 
  • Shall perform other duties as may be agreed upon by the President and the Board.
  • Shall provide a written agenda for board meetings as necessary.

Treasure Planning Calendar

Board Meetings

2017-18 Financial Report