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posted Sep 18, 2018, 10:04 PM by DanandBecky Kee   [ updated Sep 18, 2018, 10:08 PM ]

Get Inspired with Home Science Tools

Science experiments at home can be intimidating for some.  For others, it's routine.  How can you make science easy to do in your homeschool?  
Check out their YouTube channel, too!

Home Science Tools is an online resource store with all the supplies you could possibly need for chemistry, biology, physics, earth science and more.  They not only have supplies, they also have detailed guides to walk you through dissections and experiments, even if you've never done them before. 
One of our favorite at home biology projects that is cheap and fun for the whole family to do at once (always a plus when you have kindergarten through high school happening in one house!) is the cow eye dissection.   At just over $3 each, it's cheap.  Add another $1 for the dissection guide, or just watch the YouTube video before you lead your little think tank through their exploration.  You can go deep and study the anatomy and physiology of the eye, first.  (Check out the notes from Treasure's Anatomy class at www.TreasureHomeEducators.com/anatomy)  Or you can just spend a few minutes with a YouTube video and dive right in.  It's amazing to see what goes on inside you, and your kids will never forget seeing it first hand.

Other amazing specimens and projects you can find at Home Science Tools include:
-Wide variety of animals, including fish, coral, crustaceans, reptiles, small mammals, and even sheep and pigs
-Blood typing kits you can use on yourself
-Microscopes, slides, and supplies.  (Treasure owns a microscope for our families to use.  Ask a board member for assistance before buying one for yourself!)
-Microbiology supplies to grow and test microbes
-Chemistry kits including chemicals, testing supplies like litmus paper, reagents, catalysts, test tubes, beakers, scales and more
-Engineering kits, robotics kits, light and optics kits, electronics kits
-Weights, measures, magnets, pulleys and gears
-Geology kits, rocks/minerals/crystals, rock tumblers and refill kits
-Growing kits for pillbugs, butterflies, quail egg hatching, frogs and tadpoles, plants, brine shrimp, protozoa
-Insect collection kits, owl pellets, field guides for everything and... 
-So much more!

Honestly it is super fun to shop here, and so inspiring.  Even though most reluctant science teacher can find something they're willing to try at Home Science Tools.  And for the more adventurous among you, some of these supplies are hard to find anywhere else.