Computers for Students

Access to technology is an imperative for today's students.  If that sounds like a lot of dollar signs added to an already stretched budget for your homeschool family, check out these resources:

Discounted computers for students are available from a non profit called Notebooks for Students

Money Pantry posted a blog with sources for free laptops:

Dollar Sprout has a comprehensive list of programs to find laptops, and traps to avoid while looking!

Crash Course Computer Science

Introduction to Spreadsheets - 2019-2020

Becky Kee, RN
Michelle Lanier

This will be a fun class to learn the basics of a spreadsheet is and what it can do for you.  We will learn about different ways to collect and use data, and will use Excel, Google Sheets, and Google Sites to complete projects in class.  

Students will need:
  • A laptop or desktop computer.  (Two students can share one computer in class)
  • A Google account (which is free and gives you access to Google Sheets for free).
  • Understanding of pre-algebra concepts such as order of operations, what is a variable.
  • Ability to listen and participate in class.  Disruptions will be asked to leave.
  • Respect for equipment--everyone has put their hard earned money into whatever equipment is brought to class.  There will be no drinks, food, or horseplay.