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Net Fees

Disclaimer:  This may be a helpful tool that I had fun making.  If the fees are listed incorrectly on the class page, or I made a mistake in the spreadsheet, there could be an error below.  Please make sure you've paid each other what you should!  

    I've made a spreadsheet that adds up how much each family owes the other, and totals the net payment here.  This means that if two families are paying each other for classes, the only amount listed here is the difference between the two.  If your child is taking a $5 class from another teacher, and that teacher's child is taking a $5 class from you, no money needs to change hands and you won't see an amount listed below for those classes/families.  

    If you've already gotten money or given money, the totals below will NOT apply to you.  You should be careful to pay each teacher for the classes you are taking.  If you've already paid/received money, a better resource would be your child's schedule at or the list of fees at

Example Net Fee Calculation #1:

  • Bradys are paying Becky Kee $40 for 1 student in an anatomy class. 
  • Kees are paying Ed Brady $25 for 1 student in Karate and $5 for 1 student in Small Animals ($30 total).
  • The total net payment is that the Brady family owes the Kee family $10.  You will not see a payment from the Kee family to the Brady family listed below.

To find all the fees your family needs to pay, click the "Family" filter and select your name.  
To find all the fees owed to you, click the "Teacher" filter and select your name.