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Gentle Christian Mothers

posted Sep 18, 2018, 11:34 PM by DanandBecky Kee
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Community is a wonderful thing, and finding your tribe can help you understand yourself a little more.   I was recently reminded of a community that I was very much a part of as a new mother, and I want to share it with you all this week.  

Gentle Christian Mothers is an online community of moms from around the world with a few basic tenets.  They are Christians, they seek to parent mindfully and gently, and they support each other in doing so. 

Many of these moms homeschool, and many do not, but learning is valued in a way that you just don't find in mainstream communities.  These women love the Lord and believe He calls us to parent our children as true treasures, to remember that children are real people and we are uniquely gifted to meet their needs.  They do not spank, but they are not permissive with their children or judgmental of other parents.  You will find in the pages of this community real support and solutions for real life parenting with the goal of being and raising respectful productive members of society.

Concepts like GOYB parenting (where parents get off our butts and become consistent instead of resorting to pleading, yelling or spanking), bean dip (a great way to change the subject when not-so-well-meaning questions come your way, and the five steps (a helpful way to gently and consistently teach your children discipline) are just some of the things you'll learn over on the GCM message boards.  

Tons of articles on all kinds of parenting topics, including homeschooling, contain gobs of information for you.  But the real meat is in the message boards, where you can ask, "Ok, then, what do I do when my toddler runs out in the road?  How am I going to teach him how dangerous that is if I'm not spanking him?" and "What about spare the rod, spoil the child?" or any of the other burning questions you may have.  

The only downside is that once you get lost in the forums of GCM, dinner may never get cooked again!