Module 01 - Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology

Module 1

Introduction To Anatomy And Physiology

The first week we'll be covering what Anatomy and Physiology are, the anatomical position, vocabulary to describe where something is found on the body, the general organization of the human body, and a review of cellular biology.  There will be a vocabulary list for you to take home and review, a coloring sheet for review, and a lab demonstrating selective permeability of cell membranes.

Bonus Question:  Do you know what the largest single cell on earth is?

(If you can answer correctly on Monday, there's a piece of candy with your name on it!)

Handouts provided in class - Notes from the Text
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PDF of Module 1 Terms:  Click Here

Crash Course Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology

Cell Membranes Eggsperiment Video - Coming Soon!

The photo at the top is a model of cellular mitosis made of doughnuts - Extra credit if you bring me some!

Notes from the Text