Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab

(High School)
Taught By:  Becky Kee, BSN, RN & Abby McMichael, RN

Grade Levels: High school aged students who can maturely discuss all functions of the human body, including the reproductive system, in a mixed group setting.

Pre-requisite:  Students should have a basic understanding of biology.  Free online resources for biology concepts are plentiful.  See Crash Course Biology video series on PBS for specific topics.

Cost: $40/year

Text:  Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology: The Human Body 2nd Edition Edition (2013)
Advanced Biology: The Human Body 2nd Edition, is a college-prep course that provides an advanced study of the human body’s 11 organ systems. This 2nd edition has updated discussions and photographs, as well as new content.  
        The class will follow Apologia's anatomy curriculum as a framework, and students taking that class for credit at home will complete all the labs necessary for high school credit.  However, it is not required to purchase the Apologia text or materials.  I will provide resources below and in class to help you prepare for each lab.  
Supplies:  Students need to keep class materials in a notebook that they bring back to class each week.  Students must bring writing utensils, willingness to think and learn, and occasional projects done at home.  All lab supplies and protective equipment will be provided.  Colored pencils will be helpful in class and are needed at home.

Free Anatomy Classes Online - 
Khan Academy's Human Anatomy & Physiology course - detailed, includes self paced learning, videos, quizzes, and interactive learning assessments.  This would be considered an actual stand alone class.

Rice University's Anatomy & Physiology course is made available through the creative commons by BC Campus's Open Textbook program.  You can read it online or download it in several formats for free at this link:

Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology, a YouTube series that is intended to be an entertaining overview.  There are popular culture references and parents may want to preview videos before approving them for student use.  They go at lightening speed and are best for topics where you have a little background information to start with.

Crash Course Biology, a YouTube series. (In case you missed Biology) See above.

Anatomy & Physiology at Glen Oaks Community College by Dr. Ren Hartung, a youtube channel with extremely detailed videos on each system.  If you are an audiovisual learner, or just want to let your kids soak in the information with the TV on, these are excellent videos to play.  They are not as entertaining as Crash Course, but are much more informative for the learner who has never had a biology class.

Welcome to our study of the human body! 
    Below you will find a page dedicated to each Module, with resources for each topic we will cover this year.  Since this is my first year teaching an Anatomy class, I'm not sure exactly which topics will be covered on which dates.  We will start at the beginning and go in the order prescribed by the Apologia texts (the first and second edition are the same in this regard).  If you don't have the text, just follow along with handouts from class and the videos and resources linked below.  Please remember to bring your materials to class each week!  The human body is a complex system made of a multitude of interwoven complex systems, and we will refer back to earlier materials in later classes.   I will continue to add information and resources throughout the year, so check back regularly to see what we'll be covering next week in class.

A note about reproduction - 
     During this class, we will focus on the proper anatomical terms for all parts of the body, and will learn the normal physiological processes that occur within God's design for married sex and human reproduction.   Frank discussion is welcomed, and I plan to answer questions honestly, thoroughly, and within a Biblically and clinically accurate framework.  Most of all, I want to serve the needs of Treasure families, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions/concerns at all.  

Anatomy & Physiology Resources, an amazing resource for visualizing actual photos and diagrams from the tiniest part to the most complicated systems in our bodies.
The Human Protein Atlas - A project to map all the proteins in a human body, this Swedish organization has publish microscope slides, many of which are labeled and interactive, for all the tissues in the human body.  You can click on and zoom in for more detail on many, and the rest of the site goes into a great deal of depth on the molecular workings of our bodies.
Anatomy Arcade -

A coloring book pdf - I'm still looking for a good, cheap resource for this
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