Module 02 - Histology: The Study of Tissues

Histology: The Study Of Tissues

At the end of this module, you should know and understand these terms:
Epithelial Tissue Stratified Epithelial Tissue Glandular Epithelium Connective Tissue Connective Tissue Proper Cartilage
Bone and Blood Membranes Tissue Repair

Study Materials are coming. Plans for Week 3 include:
  • Beginning our study of the types of tissues that make up the human body
  • Reviewing vocabulary and adding new terms
  • Observing animal cells under a microscope
  • Observing the different tissue types found in a chicken carcass
  • Possibly observing onion cells under microscope?
If you really want to delve into mammalian tissues, here is an entire Histology Course from Dr. Steve Gallik:

Examples of specific Tissues: Mouse Esophagus - Epithelial Tissue

Video Learning

Skip to 16:33 for a Brief Intro to Tissues

A general introduction to cells, tissues and skin. Skip to 16:33 for the section on tissues.

Histology for Beginners by Dr. Ren Hartung

This is a 45 minute video that covers different tissue types extensively, and is very informative.

Crash Course Tissues Part 1

Crash Course Tissues Part 2

Crash Course Tissues Part 3

Crash Course Tissues Part 4

Histology - Epithelial Tissue by Ron Manalastas

Histology - Connective Tissue by Ron Manalastas