Module 13 - The Digestive System

Microscope work

Study the digestive system on a microscopic level on The Human Protein Atlas website - these images are excellent, labeled, and you can click to zoom in.  The Apologia text specifically looks at stomach and liver, so I've linked those here, but the Protein Atlas website has samples from all the major organs in the human body.

CLICK HERE to view the stomach lining.

CLICK HERE to view the liver.

Digestive System Overview

by National Geographic

System Diagram

(click on the image and zoom in)

Endoscopy Videos

Endogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) with Narration

EGD (Without Narration)

Crash Course Videos on Digestion & Metabolism

The Digestive System Part 1

The Digestive System Part 2

Metabolism & Nutrition Part 1

Metabolism & Nutrition Part 2

Class Notes

Module 13 - The Digestive System

Dissection of Human Cadaver Digestive System
*Warning:  This educational video does contain images of a human cadaver used for a Human Anatomy and Physiology class*

The Human Digestive System