Joining Treasure

What is Treasure?

Read about the basic philosophy of our group here before learning how to join.

Treasure offers two forms of membership:

Full Membership

  • Full Membership allows your family to participate in all Treasure activities including classes on Mondays.

  • The joining fee of $125 per family covers the year running from September to August.

  • This fee is prorated for families joining after November 30th

  • Additional fees for classes are set by and payable to the individual teachers. Class fees range from free to $30 per semester.

  • Enrollment in Full Membership requires that a parent be on campus during Monday classes. Families are required to sign up for a Sparkle Duty and to volunteer during one class hour as a teacher or helper.

Activities Only Membership

  • Activities Only Membership allows you to be involved in everything that Treasure offers with the exception of Monday classes.

  • The fee for this membership is $20 per family for the year and is prorated for those joining after November 30th

  • The membership includes: being a part of the Treasure e-mail loop, field trips, park days, Mom’s night out, Parents’ night out, retreats, parties, community service projects, etc.

  • Parents are welcome to attend Mom’s meetings on Mondays from 11:00-Noon. If necessary, children may come with the mom and attend PE or Study Hall during the meeting. A nursery is provided for children 5 and younger. You are also welcome to bring a lunch and spend the lunch hour visiting.

Discounted HSLDA Membership

Also, as part of your Treasure membership, you can sign up for an HSLDA membership at a reduced rate. Save $15 on HSLDA Membership-- Use group #292176 to get your discount. Go to for details.

Ready to Join?

*Please note that we currently have a waiting list to join full membership. If your family would like to attend class days, we recommend activities only membership for now and attending park days this summer to get to know the group. As we have openings, we fill them from our participating activities members first.*

To register for Treasure, you will need to complete the following:

Please note the belief statement located on the last page and consider whether you agree with these beliefs.

These are the guidelines that govern our online interactions.

  • Register your family here, and choose "Prospective" when it asks for member type:

Don't use gmail? create a Google Account with your current email address first.

After you have a google ID, fill out the registration form below. You can come back to your form anytime to make changes.

After you have registered, a board member will contact you. If you haven't already spoken with a board member, please make sure you entered good contact information in your registration, and someone will call you soon. If you have already spoken with the board and have been offered membership, your next step is to pay the appropriate registration fee. If you have specific concerns and would like to speak with someone sooner, send an email to

After Your Membership is Accepted

Once you have had a chance to speak with someone from the board, and you feel Treasure is a good fit for your family, and the board has offered you membership...

  • Pay your registration fee.

A $125 registration fee per family (for Full membership) or $20 registration fee per family (for Activities Only memberships) is due in September of each year. This fee helps to cover rent for the facility and some supplies for the group, but we still do fundraisers throughout the year to make up the difference. Cash or PayPal preferred. Checks can be made payable to THEA and turned in to any board member on registration day or your first day of classes.

**To avoid any fees when using PayPal, do not check the "goods and services" button. If you choose to use PayPal funds or bank account

funds, there is no fee. If you use your credit card/debit card, you will be charged a 2.9% + $0.30 fee. (Approx $3.20)**

  • Subscribe to The Loop

Treasure uses a Google Group called The Loop as our main form of communication. You can view conversations on the web or get them straight into your inbox.

Within a few days, you'll get an email notification that a board member has approved your subscription to the Loop. Visit Welcome New Members! next to make sure you're ready to join us at our next Treasure function.