Loop Guidelines

Guidelines for Use of the Treasure Loop

Revised July, 2016

The Treasure Loop is the primary form of information dissemination to Treasure members. Therefore, all members of Treasure are a part of the Treasure Loop. As an official form of communication for Treasure, it carries a degree of legal responsibility. While the views expressed by one member may not reflect the views of another, the e-mail bears the Treasure name. If an e-mail on the Loop gets forwarded to someone outside of Treasure, it (intentionally or not) represents the group as a whole. Therefore, anything sent through the Loop, MUST meet the following guidelines.

Items approved for posts to the Loop:

    • Treasure related business (cancellations, reminders, etc.)

    • Homeschooling related interests (homeschool websites, fieldtrip info, etc.)

    • Prayer concerns pertaining to Treasure families and friends.

    • Items for sale or to buy (curriculum, farm produce, moving sale, etc.)

    • Announcements or Alerts that pertain to homeschooling (HSLDA or HEAV)

    • Announcements about church programs and community events that would interest or benefit other homeschoolers.

Note: Information about other items that do not pertain directly to homeschooling may be shared in Mom’s meetings, posted to the website, displayed on the Treasure bulletin board or e-mailed directly to individuals.

If you are uncertain as to whether or not your Loop meets the guidelines, you may contact one of the Loop moderators before sending it. Each email sent through the Loop is moderated by a board member before being sent to the group. Please be patient if your email isn't immediately available to everyone. If your message is rejected for any reason, you will be contacted by a board member to explain why.

Every e-mail that is addressed to the Treasure Loop goes to EVERY person on the Loop, not just the person that wrote the e-mail. To avoid sending repetitive, unwanted e-mails to people on the Loop, please be sure your reply is addressed appropriately either to the whole group OR just to the specific person you would like to address. If you are sending an e-mail that requires a response, please post your e-mail address in the body of the e-mail so it is clearly presented.

Due to the liability the Loop carries, the above Guidelines must be adhered to in their entirety. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in your removal from the Loop.

Posting and Opt-Out Instructions