Trish Hackett, Treasurer

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What to Pay

Membership - $25/semester


What's all that money for, anyway?

    Treasure collects fees from members, and accepts donations, in order to pay the expenses our co-op incurs.  These include:

How to Pay

Cash and checks can be brought to Trish Hackett, Treasurer.


Payable to: 

Treasure Home Educators' Association of VA

(or just THEA is fine)

Mail to:

Treasure Home Educators' Association of VA

20472 Southhampton Pkwy

Courtland, VA 23837


Some phones aren't able to click on the link.  If clicking on the link doesn't take you to paypal, then copy/paste this text into your browser:

Note:  The paypal account requires an individual to own it, so it will say you are paying Becky Kee.  However, the funds go to Treasure, and not to Becky.  

"Friends & Family" - YES!

"Goods & Services" - NO!

Advantage:  The link means people don't have to know how to find you.  It's accepted in stores, online, and between people. You don't have to have a bank account to use PayPal.  You can transfer funds back and forth between your PayPal account and your checking account.


Use PayPal with no fees by

PayPal charges you a fee (usually about 3%) to use your credit card. 

PayPal charges Treasure a fee (similarly small) if you check "Goods & Services."

How to use

Still Need Help?

For questions about payments, or to make payment arrangements, please contact:

Trish Hackett, Treasurer

For help with technology, please contact: