General Membership Forms

The registration form is used when you join Treasure, each school year to update your information, and whenever you'd like to change your status (Full vs. Activities Only) or leave the group. The contact information you put on your registration is entered directly into the member directory. When your family no longer attends Treasure, you can update the form to "Former Member" and that will remove your information from the directory.

The Member Survey is a tool the board uses to evaluate what is going well and what needs improvement at Treasure. Feel free to fill it out anytime, but we especially like to gather responses at the end of the year so that we can make plans for the coming year that put these suggestions into practice. We read every single response, so please take the time to fill this out!

Teacher Application Form

Anyone who teaches at Treasure needs to fill out an application form. You do not need to fill out the form each year--once is sufficient. While it is expected that each family volunteers during two class hours, we generally reserve teaching for those who have been at Treasure for a year or two, and expect new families to help in classes that more experienced members are teaching.

Board of Officers Application Form

We welcome new applications to the Board. If you feel called to serve in this capacity, please fill out an application and continuing praying about how God can use you at Treasure. Please also pray for the Board as we seek God's will in filling positions.

Permission To Attend Treasure Activities

Visitors to Treasure are welcome! However, unannounced visitors can cause chaos on class days. Please notify a board member if you have friends that would like to visit so we can be sure everyone has the best experience possible. On a case by case basis, Treasure occasionally allows additional children to attend class days with a responsible member family if space is available. Students attending Treasure activities without their parent/legal guardian require a permission form. If you have cleared your extra students with the Treasure board, please print, sign and return the permission form to a board member.