House Rules

House Rules for Emmanuel Episcopal Church (Revised 2016)

What a blessing to have Emmanuel Episcopal Church open its doors to our group! Let’s remember that as guests we need to be respectful of the church property and treat the facility with great care. As fellow Christians we need to also treat one another with love and respect. In order to make sure that our children have the best possible environment in which to learn and develop godly friendships, a few “house rules” have been established:

General Rules

    • Please remember that we are visitors in this facility, and be respectful of church property.

    • Treasure is a home school co-op, and as such, children may not be left at the church unattended. In the event of an emergency, if you must leave, you must find another parent to be responsible for your child. You must also sign in and out with your destination and emergency phone number in the Destination Book, located on the information table.

    • Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Children should never be unsupervised in the halls. Please make sure your children know where they are supposed to be at all times. It can be helpful to write pre-literate children’s schedules on their name tags to make it easier for adults to help them to their next class.


    • Off Limits Areas - Children should only be in the sanctuary during supervised classes. The church offices are off limits. PE and free time are the in the fenced yard. Students may go across High Street to the park for recess only with adult supervision.

    • The Fellowship Hall has doors that exit onto (busy) High St. To protect our little ones, these doors are only to be used in dire emergencies. Please keep them closed at all times.

    • We are welcome to use the kitchen, but not the dishwasher. Please make sure to wash any dishes and leave them in the drying rack, clean up any messes immediately, and take your things with you at the end of the day.

Class Times

    • If a student becomes unruly or disruptive during the class period, teachers may use time-out, notify the parent of misbehavior, or immediately take the child to his/her parent. If a child’s behavior becomes a continual disruption to the class, the parent may be asked to withdraw the child from the class, for the sake of the child and the others in the class. Any teacher fees are non-refundable.

    • If a teacher finishes early, he/she must remain with the children until class time is over.

    • Teachers and students are expected to clean their classrooms after each class period. Two O’clock Teachers - please make sure your room has been vacuumed/swept, trash emptied, and lights turned off before you leave.


    • Lunch is upstairs in the Fellowship Hall. Children must remain with parents until 12:30, when lunch monitors are available for outside play. Children are not allowed to play downstairs during recess. They should either be with a parent or outside. Please keep nursery aged children with you or have someone directly responsible for them at all times.

  • Lunch clean-up begins at 12:45. Please help those cleaning up by clearing your table and the floor around it. If your child is not eating with you, you are still responsible to make sure they have cleaned up their area.